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Psychologist Session

Where is your practice based?

I am based in Derbyshire, UK. I work from therapy rooms in Matlock and Belper. I also offer online sessions.

How much do sessions cost?

My fee is £55. This is subject to review annually and a minimum of 2 months’ notice is given prior to a fee change.

What happens during a therapy session?

Sessions are 50 minutes long. During the session, we will focus in on how you are doing, and what feels important to you at that time. Sessions don’t have a particular structure, rather they are guided by your needs in the moment, as well as any over-arching themes we are exploring. No topic is off the table! If it is important to you, it is worthy of being explored. We may agree to build in review sessions, where we focus on how you feel the therapy is going for you, changes you have made, and what you would like to continue working towards. 

How long does therapy last for?

This depends entirely upon the individual, what brings them to therapy and their personal circumstances. Some stay in therapy for weeks, some months or years. Therapy is weekly, rather than fortnightly or monthly, to support the process of working at depth towards real change. We go at the individuals pace, only as it feels comfortable and safe for you.

What if I decide I don’t want to continue?

That is absolutely fine. I would welcome a conversation if you are unsure about continuing. If we have been working together a while, we may decide to have a number of sessions to work towards an ending together, so that the work feels complete.

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